Artist Statement

My name is Ingrid SangHee Edwards.
I am a Multidisciplinary Mixed-Media Artist. This means that what makes me stand out is my ability to learn quickly and thrive in many differentiating roles while versatility is my strength. From concept development, to visual art, design, installation, photography, modelling, film direction, acting, art direction, event management, set design, styling, visual merchandising, and visual communication, visual experience is my goal.

By being a multi-faceted creature of today,
I try to breath in inspirations from culture, society, & nature
and breath out creations that are representations of these
concepts mixed with my style and identity.

Creating to communicate or critique,
and to design or discover new things.
To create alter visions for future concepts,
while ultimately expressing myself to learn, form and feel,
I look to find beauty in even in the conflict areas.

My curiosity for identity, exoticism, cultural diversity, globalization and
identity stem from weaving of my South Korean, North American and Dutch roots. I like to intertwine what I know about these
cultures with others for different outcomes.
This mix up of backgrounds have encouraged me to learn,
explore and try to understand more of this world and beyond,
as it paralells with what happens inside myself,
as well as many of us in different ways.

Some other core concepts I am drawn to are: value, peace, hope, truth, nature, science, chemistry, technology, space, history,
abstractionism, relational aesthetics, the unknown, the parody, the pun, and what I call ALTERism: The process of up cycling something once created, into a more contemporary creation for the purpose of creating innovative ideals for a better society.
Almost everything is changing while we are constantly moving.
Taking things or ideas previously owned or known,
then tailoring them to transform these things or ideas to fit today’s society in a sort of post production reassembly process… That to me is ALTERism.

The purpose of my creations, aim to move or inspire and to show the world as I see it…
The earth is my mixing pot full of life, death, love, hate, color, contrast, beauty and everything in between. Inspiration is everywhere.